[JPhonk] collaborating with Banda de Paz (East Boston band)

Marie Ghitman marie.ghitman at gmail.com
Tue Oct 17 18:07:58 EDT 2017

OK - I'll keep you all posted about going to E Boston. Meanwhile, they
would like to come check out our practice - I know we're cramming for
Halloween, but maybe they'd join us for that too.  I know we're an open
band, so I don't really need "permission" to invite people, but wanted to
run it by the group in case anyone has a strong negative reaction.

Marie Ghitman, MEd, RN
Co-Producer, Jamaica Plain Porchfest and Hoopla Productions

On Tue, Oct 17, 2017 at 4:07 PM, vikram parikh <vikram_parikh at hotmail.com>

> That sounds great!  Early for sure but I would be interested.
> On October 17, 2017 3:00:39 PM Marie Ghitman via JPhonk <jphonk at or8.net>
> wrote:
>> Hi all - I've been communicating with Oscar, the new music director of
>> the East Boston band Banda de Paz (mostly Salvadoran musicians, though
>> Oscar is Guatemalan) - their mission is to fight hate and racism. They,
>> like us, are an open band and welcome anyone to join their practices. They
>> practice on Sunday mornings in East Boston from 8:30-10:30AM. I'd love to
>> go sometime - anyone else? If there's some interest I'll let Oscar know.
>> I'll also invite them to come check us out on a Monday evening. Maybe we
>> could start by teaching each other a song?
>> P.S - He asked if we know Solfa - I don't but would love to learn it -
>> does anyone else know it?  If you don't know what Solfa is - in a nutshell
>> it's a way to learn music that goes WAY back (not sure where/when it
>> originated)  - it was a way for anyone, rich, poor, literate or not, to
>> learn music. It's supposed to be great for ear training and improvisation.
>> Marie Ghitman, MEd, RN
>> Co-Producer, Jamaica Plain Porchfest and Hoopla Productions
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