[JPhonk] collaborating with Banda de Paz (East Boston band)

johnny js0000 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 17 15:24:27 EDT 2017


On 10/17/17 14:59, Marie Ghitman via JPhonk wrote:
> They, 
> like us, are an open band and welcome anyone to join their practices. 
> They practice on Sunday mornings in East Boston from 8:30-10:30AM. I'd 
> love to go sometime - anyone else?

omfg- 8:30AM on sunday mornings in east boston [from waltham that's +1 
hour of travel time at least] ...

but if you want to go one morning, i'd be up for trying ... if so, maybe 
it would be better for me to crash on a couch in jp the night before so 
the sunday morning travel is less odious.

also, it seems like babam! might be something worth bringing up with 
them ... and since babam! is basically the gig-o and mailing list, maybe 
some more adventurous members of banda de paz might like to sign up ... ?

> P.S - He asked if we know Solfa - I don't but would love to learn it - 
> does anyone else know it? 

this looks like a variant of solf├Ęge: the "do re mi" method of teaching 
sight singing [a dismal part of music school if you've never had the 
pleasure]. the wikipedia article has hand signals too:

this may or may not be what oscar is talking about. in jp honk, we use 
notated music on paper; but i'm a big fan of getting away from that 
toward more playing by ear. some of these techniques like sol-fa may 
help musicians who cannot [or do not want to] read notation learn new 
songs more quickly.

but pushing jp honk one way or another is not an effort that i have 
generally been successful with.

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