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Dan Codiga dan.codiga at gmail.com
Wed Oct 11 18:05:43 EDT 2017

These are all very good points Kirk! For folks without access to 
email/gig-o etc, I'm unsure what to suggest-- other than trying to be 
more aware that getting information out by word of mouth at rehearsals 
is important (not assuming everybody is getting info electronically).

Important: I will not be policing anybody's emails, and I won't let 
anybody else either! That was not at all the idea of my sending this 
out. I certainly don't want anybody to send emails less, for fear of 
breaking some strange new code of etiquette... I just wanted to get 
folks thinking about this stuff a little bit.


Anyway, yes I too enjoy the way gmail automagically makes quoted text 
"disappear", or at least puts it all behind a little note that you have 
to click in order to expand and see it. It makes me less good about 
deleting quoted text! But as you know it also makes it easy to delete 
quoted text if you want to, you just highlight the little note and 
delete that without needing to expand it.

I guess deleting quoted text is mainly important when you have a whole 
lot of quoted text, so much so that when expanded it really isn't 
legible (one letter wide on each line, etc).

I use gmail on my phone but Thunderbird on my PC and the latter doesn't 
do the auto-hide thing.


And the one topic per message idea is also a gray area. I think the key 
is that if we're talking about  open questions on which lots of people 
will chime in, it's probably going to be better to use a different 
message for each one (or each closely-related group of them). Otherwise, 
say if it's just an info blast, maybe not. Judgement required-- and yes 
there is more than one way to go about it....

On 10/11/2017 8:00 AM, Kirk Is via JPhonk wrote:
> Great to be thoughtful about this stuff.
> I know many people use gmail, but not everyone - so the way gmail 
> shows a whole thread as a single entry in my inbox (until the subject 
> changes) and the way it automagically conceals quoted text changes how 
> I use email. I don't care about deleting quoted text for one thing... 
> people with other email clients that don't "thread" or hide quoted 
> text, do you feel different?
> "One topic per email thread" is a pretty good one, one that I havent 
> followed - like if I have 3 not very connected things to say, would 
> people rather see 3 minithreads than one longer mail?  I'd love 
> feedback, as one of the noisier people on this list.
> Another note that came up at HONK!fest discussion is at very least 
> being cognizant that some people we'd like to collaborate with A. 
> might not have ready access to electronic communications, B. might be 
> wary of electronic monitoring / surveillance, either if they have 
> uncertain immigration status or they feel their activity may be 
> severely frowned upon by the powers that be. (That be monitoring, 
> specifically)
> So like everything, there are tradeoffs - I wouldn't say it'd be 
> "crazy to discourage" use of these channels (actually trying to be a 
> bit more sensitive/PC/woke I might say "foolish" instead) but we 
> should be aware that they aren't equally as available or safe for 
> everyone.
> On Tue, Oct 10, 2017 at 10:01 PM, Marie Ghitman via JPhonk 
> <jphonk at or8.net <mailto:jphonk at or8.net>> wrote:
>     Thanks Dan- great suggestions. One thing to add- there are dozens
>     of people on this list, many of whom we rarely see, so keep that
>     in mind when you choose to communicate something via email.
>     On Tue, Oct 10, 2017 at 9:49 PM Dan Codiga via JPhonk
>     <jphonk at or8.net <mailto:jphonk at or8.net>> wrote:
>         Email is great! But horrible too...
>         See attached, some hopefully useful ideas about how to
>         continue and
>         improve our use of email through this wonderful or8.net
>         <http://or8.net> discussion list.
>         These ideas are 'etiquette', but not in the sense of being
>         considerate
>         and polite and not offending anyone-- they assume we all
>         continue doing
>         that stuff, but could make us more efficient and effective
>         communicators.
>         Just some food for thought!
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