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Hi Bryan & Marie,

Would you be kind enough to share this with other members of the band?

I heard back from the Purple Cactus owner that your wonderful efforts
resulted in a total of $225 for their Mexico earthquake fund.  I think the
ultimate yield from your sidewalk concert last Thursday will add up to more
than this.  I heard from one of my JP neighbors that she dropped off her
donation just a few days ago, and one of your bandmates and I must have
handed out a couple hundred flyers to pedestrians inviting them to
contribute. The flyer included an on-line donation option, so hopefully
other generous souls will still give via the internet.  Also, your music
helped underscore this fundraiser in the minds of passersby, so I want to
imagine the restaurant's ongoing fund appeal will now be higher on
customers' radar.

It was so much fun to be out on the sidewalk with you all for this noble
mission. I'm sure you could see how delighted people walking by were with
your presence, especially parents with children but, really, people of
every age. You made a big splash for a great cause.

Here's sending my utmost thanks to each and every one of you and especially
to Kirk who was my point person on this caper and so generously took the
lead making it happen and being your mighty conductor, curbside, and to
Bryan Tucker for affirming that this idea was well worth a try.
Additionally, I think many of us had a blast last July with JP's 4th annual
Porchfest, masterminded by the one and only Marie Ghitman (on trombone 😊)
and another stellar neighbor, Mindy Fried. I think our impromptu street
fundraiser Thursday evening was very much in keeping with this community
music spirit.

With applause and thanks to you all,


Dunster Road


Marie Ghitman, MEd, RN
Co-Producer, Jamaica Plain Porchfest and Hoopla Productions
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