[JPhonk] Halloween Treats - Time Warp

Don Stafford donstafford at comcast.net
Tue Oct 10 16:35:26 EDT 2017

Greetings All,

At last night's rehearsal Jonathon introduced us to Time Warp from the Rocky Picture Horror Show.

The tune will be played in the original key of concert pitch A major since we will have a guest electric guitar soloist along with dancers.

The Honk arrangement on file is in another key and does not match Jonathan's vision.

I have taken the liberty of dashing off a rendition that gives each instrument a selection of chord tones from which to choose to allow us to create a spontaneously harmonized backing track.

This will allow all to come up to speed on this since rehearsal time is short and there is much to cover before the gig.

Jonathan (or the appointed leader) will likely call the sections for the band to provide chordal background and for the big ensemble Let's Do the Time Warp Again phrases.

Hope this helps - it is a rousing number and should be a big hit.

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