[JPhonk] great time!

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Sun Oct 8 15:06:48 EDT 2017

also what was that mini-chant you folks had going on? seemed pretty cool

On Sun, Oct 8, 2017 at 3:03 PM Kirk Is <kirkjerk at gmail.com> wrote:

> man i was worried there but we really worked that through!
> great to see so many “irregular” folks there marching with us! (in the
> best sense of the word, after all we almost called the group the Dunster
> Road Irregulars) .... please let us know if we can switch something to
> persuade you to come out often! (i know schedules can be bear)
>  Also i think we made a great experience for the students, just that taste
> of street band life. and thanks to them for being game
> many thanks to doug for doing more songleading than usual, and for Dom
> with the banner (i propose we get a miniteam to spruce up the banner
> though- looking a little ragged, and i know dom has an idea to improve the
> structure- to do it properly we should consider hammering in grommets etc)
> and to anyone else who stepped up a little above and beyond ...
> i want to make a checklist to follow before medium-big gigs, just checking
> “do we need a banner? wagon? trike? water? sunscreen? idea for
> transportation if one way parade” etc.
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