[JPhonk] [JPHonkBand] Fund raising in JP for victims of Mexican earthquake

Kirk Is kirkjerk at gmail.com
Sun Oct 1 20:21:11 EDT 2017

(sorry for duplicate posts some people might be seeing)
Oh, Bryan, please don't use the old wiggio address, we are using or8.net

Any followup on this? Cathleen and "Meredith from Dunster Rd" have
mentioned similar or the same thing... can someone close to JP follow up?

On Fri, Sep 29, 2017 at 11:52 AM, Bryan Tucker <
jphonkband-7zfl5 at wiggiomail.com> wrote:

> Dear Band Members,
> I am writing at the suggestion of a neighbor here in JP who had the idea
> that the Honk Band might be interested and available for an evening or
> weekend promotional jam session, to take place outside the Purple Cactus
> restaurant on Centre St., to raise money for the victims of the earthquake
> in Mexico.  Four people on the staff there are from one of the quake
> zones.  They have put out donation jars and signs but could probably use
> some help in advertising their efforts.  I know everyone is quite busy
> and the band's schedule may be too full to allow such a jam, but I can make
> an inquiry at the restaurant and let you know at least what the owner might
> think about this idea.  In the meantime, you could consider it.
> Thanks.
> Sincerely,
> Bryan
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