[codecraft] Weekend Reading: Can Programming Be Liberated, Period

Michael Bar-Sinai mich.barsinai at icloud.com
Thu Jul 16 17:11:57 EDT 2015

Hello all,

Here's a 2008 classic about programming in general. There were a few "Can Programming be Liberated from XXX" papers, really asking what are the things the bind programming so much that we don't even notice them. David Harel (proper disclosure: he's on my PhD committee) looks into what it would take to librate programming not just from various XXXs, but completely, and defines the "three straitjackets of programming".

Plus, in today's world of over-opinionated flamewar hyperboles, you've got to like a paper stating that "the message here is deintely “maybe we should be thinking about thhs some more,” not “if you just do it my way you’ll be fine."


-- Michael

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